Two weird examples of photo manipulation that aims at converting…

Two weird examples of photo manipulation that aims at converting an “innocent” image into something erotic or pornographic in nature: (1) The now old “mormon porn” strategy, which consists in adding circular bubbles on an image in order to make people focus on certain aspects, (2) The pixellation technique, that the LA Times described in an article today:

Known as pixelization, the post-production technique, which displays a certain area of a photo or footage at a much lower resolution, came into wider use years ago largely in TV news, documentaries and reality programs. There, the practice obscured product placements, and distorted everything from a license plate number to a human face to protect privacy rights. But now television writers are using the tactic as a sight gag and a way to attract attention, in much the same way that scripted programming commonly bleeps out censored language.

Why do I blog this? I’m fascinated by how adding elements to an image can have this sort of effect.