Weekending 15012012

I spent quite a deal of time in workshops evolving some ideas around location and tracking. We had Marc Tuters come by the studio. Marc’s written and created quite a number of locative media projects over perhaps the last decade. Along with that, he’s written some of the canonical bits of text on the topic, including The Locative Commons and Beyond Locative Media: Giving Shape to the Internet of Things with Kazys Varnelis.

The talk/discussion that Marc led weaved through a forthcoming essay called “From Mannerist Situationism to Situated Media that he wrote that will appear in a forthcoming special issue of Convergence on Locative Media.

Will Carter also came in to talk about his thesis project, Location33. Together we got a nice overview of the state of the state of where and why related to Locative Media.

There was a *little time for noodling on the Ear Freshener project which really needs to get a PCB done ASAP.

That’s it from Los Angeles.

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