Why Games Matter?: Susana's Thesis Project

Susana Ruiz’s MFA thesis project – one of the projects from the 2nd class of thesis graduates to complete their MFA’s from the interactive media division’s, is an embodied explication of the intractable, miserable, life diminishing products of what happens when difference – political, ethnic, religious, skin color – is seen as a bad thing.

The hope here is that the moment of stepping into an experience wherein one is forced to experience that intractability, or to play the role of those who are engaged in the Darfur catastrophe, will bubble the crisis up at the local, individual level, so that it’s more than a news blip, at least here in the US. If you can “play” through the linkages of action and reaction, or live the life of a refugee, empathy and response may arise. The jury is still out on that point, but the motivation is decidedly spot-on.

If digital networks hold any promise for species evolution, I would hope it would be a hack to patch the bad code that makes us think that life can ever be cheap and that things that are different should be annihilated.

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netpublics: some reactions

Some remarks on Friday and Saturday’s “Networked Publics” conference.

From Michael Naimark’s Blog

While I’ve always been a dedicated advocate of constructionism and of cyberspace, I left the NetPublics symposium fearing that if Karl Rove had attended, he’d conclude that America’s best and brightest were obsessed with living in fantasy worlds of elves and orcs, and ornamenting the urban landscape with colored LEDs. And I fear he’d be quite happy.

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From Will Carter’s Blog

attended the netpublics conference at the annenberg center the past friday and saturday, largely out of curiosity about one of the DIY panels on friday, and because I wanted to see the locative / place / space panel on saturday.

The DIY panels on Friday (that I attended) were mostly about the standard self-publishing type stuff that I’m pretty familar with, although it’s always good having smart people like Sean Bonner and Joi Ito discussing it, even if their points seem sort of run of the mill for alpha web geeks.

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