Over the years I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Tokyo. Whilst working for Sony I visited frequently, but as with all business travel my free time was limited. I managed to squeeze a quick trip to Harajuku or Shinjuku but I never really felt like I had time to devote to the city. I also bored my wife with hundreds of stories of amazing food, crowded transport and strange stores, but until this year we never managed to visit together. En route to Thailand a few weeks ago we decided to spend three days in Tokyo, something I recommend you have the opportunity. It’s such a unique place – a beautiful mix of history, modernity and it’s own individual character. The opportunity to finally wander the streets (and have a knife made by Masumoto-san) was one which I’ll remember forever. The movie above captures some of the feel for the place, I hope you enjoy it.

From the right


Above is a quick snapshot of a few texts I’ve sent to my wife since the beginning of 2013. I guess this is how we communicate now: staccato questions, quick bursts of information, snarky comments. Nothing too profound here, other than it’s a good illustration of how quickly we become accustomed to new technology, how it becomes part of the daily fabric of life, how rapidly it becomes banal. How long before we stop referring to SMS as ‘technology’ anyhow? Do we still do that?