Memo about my research

After having focused on the cognitive impacts of awareness tools in a collaborative video-game, my phD will adress the question of the social and cognitive effects of context-awareness tools in collaborative mobile activities. I have to find a joint activity where users are engaged in joint tasks that require collaboration and mobility. I am considering using geological field studies. Last week, I met a guy at ENS Lyon named Vincent Lignier who is a sedmentologist. He explained me briefly how they work (actually I know this sort of thing since I have a degree in biology/geology) taking the example of a mission he participated in. This conversation was very interesting since there it seems to be a niche for the use of social navigation.

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First entry about Pierre la Police !!!

I finally decide to move from my low-tech html page to a database-linked blog generator (movable type as a matter of fact), blog for real ! I had begun to feel some frustration with html I think… so, let’s use one of those ready-steady tools for making weblogs…

This ain’t a warblog but a kind of misceallenous repository for my stuff 🙂
Sometimes I will switch to french if I am too lazy. I warn you guys.

This log covers my thoughts on lots of think concerning my research as well as personal thought about hot (or weird) topics and cultural likes/dislikes. My connections to Sesame Street or Teletubbies addicts won’t be mentionned at all 🙂

Last week-end I was clearly mesmerized by the absolutely great french comics writer Pierre la Police. I don’t know whether lots of people like this kind of humour (I don’t think so actually) but he’s of my favourite author at the moment : rather than irony, the absurd dialogues combined to awfull drawings make me laugh out loud. His parody of american super-heros (the two mutant brothers) who lived in an absurd word where people can die as well as turning into plastic (or melt dehydrate or loose one’s ass or…) are incredible ! And terrific design though.
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