Pocket Sakura

[wikilike_img src=http://www.peppersoup.net/tamasquare/sakura/walk1.gif|url=http://www.peppersoup.net/tamasquare/pocketsakura.php|caption=Walk with Pocket Sakura|width=145|align=thumb tleft]

I came across this site about something called Pocket Sakura. I found it through a serpentine path that started around my Flickr! stream and went through some of Dens teendrama mishegoss and onto his notes on a Pedometer Wars! game he’s hashing about.

[wikilike_img src=http://static.flickr.com/24/63654065_c4cdd39746_m_d.jpg|url=http://ubiquitylabs.com/steps/view_steps.php|caption=Dennis Crowley’s Pedometer Wars! Game scoreboard|align=thumb tright|width=200]

Why do I blog this? I’ve been trying to tie the blogjects concept, together with an interest in kinesthetic interface s and a health/fitness scenario. It’s all tied into the cloud of ideas in which Vis-a-Vis Games circulates, and some research vectors into character-based objects that have things to say about what they’ve done, or stories about the world around them.

[wikilike_img src=http://interactive.usc.edu/members/mtuters/mad_prophet_proto_doll.jpg|align=thumb tleft|width=240|caption=Mad Prophet|url=http://interactive.usc.edu/projects/madprophet/]

The concept is being exercised as a prototype through the Mad Prophet project being developed in the Advanced Mobile seminar I’m teaching this semester, and there are grander ideas that will carry beyond what we can finish in the next three weeks. It’s also related to the discussions Nicolas and I have been having about blogjects.

I’ve also been looking into pedometer guts to see about how one would integrate pedometry-style step measurements into a more robust application framework.

Also, cf Piedmonsters, and these notes on Spimes.

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