Air Traffic Control, Spimes and Jerry Bruckheimer

[wikilike_img src=|width=500|caption=N477JB Wrangled|url=|alight=thumb tleft]

Sorry to continue to be thoroughly hopped up on the FlightAware as prototype spime wrangling wand, but I’m preparing remarks for a draft of an essay BruceS has authored. Thinking about linkages between his homesteading and prospecting on the foothills of Spimedom has me searching for a map to this new territory.

A couple of days ago, it was FlightAware that caught my attention. I found it to be the spime wranglers “wand” par excellence in that it allowed me to “wrangle” not just flights, but equipment. Now it appears it allows me to wrangle individuals whose personalities who precede themselves and mark their own identities by naming their objects.

This is a wave of the wand, or a wrangler’s lasso, over [w:Jerry Bruckheimer]’s Gulfstream IV twin jet.

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