Marko Ahtisaari? Meet The WiFi Bedouin..

Here’s an interview with Marko Ahtisaari that Nicolas blogged this morning. When I was at this year’s Ars Electronica, I saw his talk. He was dressed head to toe in white during the talk. When I saw him later during the festival, he was head to toe in black. So, there’s that. I mean, that’s entirely cool — it reminded me about Bruce Sterling’s comments about how designers, as part of their effectivity, create an aura around themselves by distinctive personal affects.

It’s a nice interview, and this stood out in relationship to my own research vectors:

Do you anticipate new kinds of content or communication forms to emerge within the near future?

Well, one thing that we have launched publicly is an application that allows people to have a local Bluetooth web-page while they are walking around. It can be read by other people in their proximity. We are trying it out just by having the software available for the Nokia series 60 phones. I think the software that we are building for the series 60 will allow a lot of innovation in that area that we can’t anticipate.

Why do I blog this? Wow. I had no idea that Nokia was experimenting with this kind of functionality. It’s precisely the WiFi Bedouin concept, only it’s using Bluetooth. Very cool! It opens up into the concept of motility and social meteorology, too. As soon as you create a mechanisms for proximity-based rich networking, you create opportunities for local effects that aren’t just happening off in the non-moving world of the (capital I) Internet.

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