GPS + Media

[wikilike_img src=|caption=Sorell’s NF1 does GPS, music, and vids|width=131|align=thumb tright|url=]

Another geeky, compelling, and huh-shrug gizmo that Victor Szilagyi over at Ivrea caught on Engadget.

Why do I blog this? It’s a suggestive glom of location and media possibilities in this little gizmo. It’d be cool to play with, certainly. I would like my devices to know more about where they are, where they have been — more awareness of their paths and histories. More blogject frameworks.

I’m thinking lately about what my first blogject project might be with the ADXL203 Evaluation Board I ordered last week. It’s a 2 degree of freedom accelerometer that I’m pretty sure I can turn into a working pedometer. How reasonable that pedometer works is TBD!

Does anyone know of any DIY hackable pedometers? That can be hacked electronically so that I can do what I will with the step counts?

[thx and engadget]