Project Toaster – Blogjects and More

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What’s in the project toaster this holiday season?

Blogjects? What the..?

I am now in the possession of an ADXL203 evaluation kit. Accelerometer from Analog Devices. Pedometer material.

I am patiently waiting for the arrival of a stocking stuffed with microcontrollers to hook the ADXL203 up to. I’m imagining building a pedometer that blogs. It shall be called flavonoid — the health and fitness robot.

I am also patiently waiting on the arrival of a Motorola i415 J2ME enabled mobile that includes the Location JSR. It’ll run Mologogo‘s application that exhibits presence awareness characteristics. (Strange thing — an old chum with whom I once worked named Jason Uechi was, with a colleague, the creator of Mologogo. The world’s the size of a friggin’ postage stamp..)

For that device to become a social device and and a blogject, I’m thinking about how to turn it into a reasonable way to mine for intersecting locales, paths created by others, etc. — without the hassle of operating in such a small interface territory as the mobile device. (And, secondarily, without having to be so purposeful with the device — sometimes, we just amble through the streets or shove through a crowd and aren’t in the best situation or frame of mind to capture an image, annotate, and send an SMS.) Why not turn the mobile with location-awareness / AGPS into a device that tracks and records your paths?

So — the i485 that should be here in a few days will begin an experiment with J2ME’s location JSR.

The other thing on its way is my new desk, which I’m super excited about. It took me — well, a year and a half to get one, mostly because I was undecided about what made for a good desk. It turns out I’ve been working standing up for the last six months or so, so I’ve settled on a desk that I can use either sitting down or standing up — the Biomorph Flexo. Now I’ll be like a normal human researcher.

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