Bones In Motion

Bones In Motion another, another LBS application, this one falls into the health/fitness/nutrition idiom, similar to motionbased (recently purchased by Garmin). There’s scant info on their webpage — probably still in beta? – but the idea is to accumulate your track logs using a GPS-enabled mobile handset (there’s some indication they are selling their own branded units?).

Bones In Motion offers users an effortless way to wirelessly monitor, measure and motivate users toward their fitness goals using a GPS-enabled mobile phone. Key features of this application include the ability to:

* Record time, distance, speed, location and calories burned while engaging in outdoor activities
* View activity summary, maps (street/topographical/satellite) and speed/elevation charts on phone
* Upload to personal online journal to view and share with others
* Identify where others run, cycle or walk

Bones in Motion won the NAVTEQ LBS Global Challenge in 2005.

[wikilike_img src=|width=380|align=thumb tcenter]
[wikilike_img src=|url=|caption=A Bones In Motion user’s tracks while snowboarding|width=380|align=thumb tcenter]

Why do I blog this? I’m culling the field for various location/track smart applications. I’m particularly interested in the health/fitness/nutrition category, and ways to make fitness more fun, not just for those for whom it already is fun.

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