AJAX on Mobiles — MobileWeb2.0?

Sometimes the “convergence” of technical idioms becomes comic in a kind of ironic way. Like, you can see a few wonks noodling about Web2.0 and then they’re, like..trying to predict a trend and, Hollywood-style, say, “Wait just a minute! Web2.0 meets Mobile! MobileWeb2.0 — get it? It’s like Web2.0, only it’s Mobile! Call Vulcan Capital! Tell Paul it’s Sparky, and we got a new one!”


Some wonks see AJAX on the Mobile as the thing for 2006 — avoiding porting hassles and knocking J2ME out of the box. As with most things, this’ll both work and it won’t. I like the idea of not having to worry about porting, especially in the mobile device ecosystem, which is about as habitable a territory as a spring day in Chernobyl.

Opera running AJAX is what some folks appear to be hopped up about. Open Gardens has a long, thoughtful piece on why J2ME is out and MobileWeb2.0 is in. And MobHappy has a short predictive announcement on why J2ME will only get better, and also why MobileWeb2.0 is in — a nice, safe bet and one that I would put my money on.

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