Call for Entries: Turbulence New England Initiative II

Turbulence recently announced a Call for Entries for its “New England Initiative II,” a juried, networked art competition.

Three projects by New England artists will be commissioned and exhibited on Turbulence ( and in real space (venue to be announced). Each award will be $3,500. The jury consists of Julian Bleecker, Michelle Thursz, and Helen Thorington. This project is made possible with funds from the LEF Foundation.
PROJECT CONCEPT: Net art projects are “art projects for which the Net is
both a sufficient and necessary condition of viewing/ expressing/
participating” (Steve Dietz). They live in the public world of the Internet.
Recently, however, wireless telecommunications technologies have enabled
computation to migrate out of the desktop PC into the physical world,
creating the possibility of “hybrid” networked art, works that intermingle
and fuse previously discrete identities, disciplines, and/or fields of
activity such as the Internet and urban space. (See the
networked_performance blog —specifically the
categories “Locative Media” and “Mobile Art and Culture.”) Borders are
disintegrating and new identities are emerging. We encourage applications by
net artists and artists working on networked hybrid projects.
Proposal Deadline: February 28, 2006
Selected Projects Announcement: March 15, 2006
Project Launch/Exhibition: October 1, 2006
(1) artistic merit of the proposed project; (2)
originality; (3) degree of performativity and audience participation; (4)
level of programming skill and degree of technological innovation; and (5)
extent of collaborative and interdisciplinary activity.
(a) Your name, email address, and web site URL (if you have one).
(b) A description of the project’s core concept and how it will make
creative use of digital networks (500 words maximum).
(c) Details of how the project will be realized, including what
software/programming will be used. Specs for the Turbulence server are
available at You may request
additional software but we cannot guarantee it.
(d) Names of collaborators, their areas of expertise, and their specific
roles in the project.
(e) A project budget, including other funding sources for this project, if
(f) Your résumé/CV and one for each of your collaborators.
(g) Up to five examples of prior work accessible on the web.
Email submissions (the web site URL) to with NE 2
in the subject field.

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