EU Whirlwind

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* May 22-25 Edinburg
** May 23-24 Empowering the Mobile Web Workshop at WWW2006
** May 24 New Media Scotland discussion with me and Usman Haque. Beehive Inn (18-20 Grassmarket), Edinburgh, Wednesday 24 May, 2006, 6 PM.

The Poker Club is back! Although we are still waiting for our flying cars – join us in the function room of the Beehive Inn as our guests Usman Haque (artist/architect) and Julian Bleecker (technologist/artist/think tank leader) discuss better living through the “internet of things” and “open source architecture”. What are the “internet of things” and “open source architecture”, you ask? Well, follow the hyperlinks provided, and also please join us at the Beehive on the 24th to find out! Space is limited, so aim to arrive on time to ensure a seat.

The Poker Club is sponsored by anCnoc single malt whisky.

About the Poker Club: In a nod to the Scottish Enlightenment, when Adam Smith and David Hume gathered to discuss big ideas over a glass of claret at the original Poker Club, New Media Scotland has launched its own series of events under this venerable name (which refers to a fireplace poker for “stirring things up”, not card games, we’re afraid). These events will be held in the same environment as the original Poker Club – in the pubs of Edinburgh, where there is an endless supply of bar napkins to jot down inspirational notes and ideas. The conversation is lively, and you are encouraged to cut in with your questions and comments. At the Poker Club, everything is up for debate and discussion!

* May 26-28 Amsterdam
** Visiting colleagues for the upcoming Amsterdam Cross Media Week

* May 29-31 Geneva/Lausanne
** Second Blogject Workshop at EPFL!

* June 1-2 Copenhagen
** reboot8.0 to present results (gulp..) from the Second Blogject Workshop.

* June 3-5 Berlin
** recovery, relax and meet up with Andreas, Regine and Silvia