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Will Carter and I will be showing a little project we’ve been hammering about for a couple of months. It’s called geotagthings and the basic idea behind it is to have a very simple way to assign geographic meta data to arbitrary web resources. Anything with a URL can be given a latitude/longitude by simply clicking a bookmarklet, picking the spot it should be assigned using a map interface, adding a little note and that’s that.

The URL and note get shoved into a data store where it can be accessed through an RSS feed. Anyone can get a feed for a locale simply by going to the feed generator, picking where you’d like to get a feed from, determining a range around that spot and grabbing the URL from one of the feed badges, and dropping it into your favorite news aggregator, like NetNewsWire.

Easy peasy.

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Geotagthings is meant to be more of collection of simple interfaces for geosemantics rather than any sort of destination site or portal or whatever.

Just sign up for an account and become part of the collaborative geospatial tagging collective.

Why do I blog this? I think this is one more small piece of a larger puzzle in which I’m trying to find ways to breech the 1st Life/2nd Life berm. Kinetic social practice in 1st Life can’t succumb to the sometimes questionable charms of 2nd Life worlds. Enough of the WoW fetish; real worlds matter.

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