Lift 2009

Well, I’ll be sad to miss Lift in Geneva this year. Really sad. But, you shouldn’t be, so I suggest you go if you can, especially if you’re close by anyway, to mitigate large carbon foot stomps. It’ll be a great line up as always, with some great workshops, including this one with Vlad Trifa and Alexandra Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (from!) and Dominique Guinard. They will be running a day-long workshop called “Internet of Things: Next Steps and Visions of the Future. Whoa. I’ll be looking for their observations and conclusions to that one. Dang.

Go here to register and go have a good time. It’s the best conference going that covers technology, culture new weird human social practices and goes along without prattling advertisements disguised as presentations. Plus lots of opportunities to interact with presenters, meet new people and have epic amounts of fondue.