Related to Design Fiction

Thursday March 19, 10.05.35

A few assorted bits I found related to Design Fiction whilst following a link somewhere, to somewhere else.

The future – a rough guide which is a blog by this fellow Jon Turney.

Can Science Fiction be Lab Lit? – A curious story that suggests science fiction can be a kind of laboratory literature. ((Of course, what we believe in this Near Future Laboratory is that the two are productively and aspirationally indistinguishable. Laboratory Literature is precisely Science Fiction; lab manuals and protocol handbooks; bioscience text books; specialists’ seminars and conferences; when thought of as science fiction only allow a more expansive and future-forward view of what can be, beyond the disciplined and tweedy confines of traditional practices and means of creating and circulating knowledge.)) generally seems to poke in this direction but stops short in that it piles up a berm between the fiction and the lab practice. Why not make the two the same in a productive way?

The Portrayal of Scientists in Science Fiction By Lucy A. Snyder looks to be a text in line with David Kirby’s work on scientists’ portrayals in film.

Somehow I also stumbled across this dissertation called Lab Coats in the Dream Factory: Science and Scientists in Hollywood from Scott Frank, Ph.D. in Anthropology from USC. Typically, it seems it is buried out of reach in the great dissertation hamper deep in the earth’s molten core.

Why do I blog this? Just a few tidbits for the notebook and continuing this vector, trying to figure out what and for whom this whole Design Fiction thing may be.