Weekending 09262010

Friday September 17 18:56

Well..Most of the week was spent working on the work, enjoying the change that comes from change and new personalities and wondering excitedly about where things are going. I spent a bit of time relearning video editing and compilation tools because I still thing the visual story is a wonderful way to do design. ((We’ll be making some little films and I’m in that phase of being brain-locked when it comes to what those should be, or might be and deciding I better lubricate the chains and adjust the timing belt as a way to defer thinking about what those stories should be. Or..maybe that’s a way to think.))

Reading excerpts from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values (P.S.).

Obsessing over data loss contingency and mitigation.

Brushing off photo equipment for two days of skate shooting this weekend.

Sketching more, another floor plans and possibilities for the man lodge/studio out back.

Puzzling over a book project with Nicolas.

Wishing I dedicated more time for the Drift Deck.

Attended and gave a short talk at the Future of Technology Conference at the University of Michigan.

That’s it.

Oh yeah. Got to eat a delicious meal with six new friends at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Palmer House