WiFi.ArtCache? Meet Processing

One possible idea for the UCI event this summer, and perhaps for ISEA2006, is to develop an ArtCache hybrid where the WiFi.ArtCache API is ported to Processing. It is presently just Flash. Same basic idea — anything written in Processing will work through an ArtCache library that allows for the behaviors of the Processing applet to change based on whether it is:

1) In or outside of range of the ArtCache’s WiFi node
2) How many times it’s been downloaded
3) How many people are connected to the ArtCache’s WiFi node
4) How many people are presently interacting with that particular object from the ArtCache
5) Whether are any available based on the limited quantity idea

Advantage here:

It would be nice if you actually downloaded the processing applet so you could run it at another time. This could be done through an option on the page that renders the art object. You could download an executable version of it somehow.

Why do I blog this? To remind myself that I need to revive the ArtCache API and see what I can do to bring some life back to it. It’s also providing some intellectual fodder for this mobile social software application I’m thinking of submitting as the core of a position paper for the Workshop on Mobile Social Software that is going to happen at CHI 2006.

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