Does WiFi technology suck ?

There is nowadays an interesting debate about this trend of putting WiFi hotspot everywhere to provide users with a permanent connection to the Internet.

Accoridng to mobitopia and francois planque, there are several limits to the WiFi utopia :

– WiFi’s achilles heel: WiFi’s spectrum which is high frequency is hence highly susceptible to interference.
– It’s difficult to move faster than 74km/h, above that limit, there will be too much packet loss.
– Users gotta buy an access coupon for each place (whereas you keep your phone with 3G stuff).
– WiFi internet access is not that fast ! it strongly depends on the hot spot. If it’s just ADSL and you have 10 users it could be slower than you think !

However I still think WiFi could be an interesting and relevant technologies for limited areas, mostly indoors and where activities do not require high bandwidth : e-mail, chat, forum, even collaborative writing !

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