Project Hive

Project Hive is a moblog (i.e. mobile blog) about local evants related to the G8 Summit in Evian. In this post, I’m not that interested by the fact that 7 or 8 supermakets or gas station has been destroyed. My interests are more headed towards the way people can publish on this we-blog. It is explained below :

Publish with the e-mail client of your mobile phone or pda:
The easiest way to publish is to write an e-mail with your report to You can also include one jpeg-picture if you have a phone with an integrated camera.

Publish by SMS:
If you mobile phone doesn’t have an e-mail client you can also publish by SMS: You either can use the SMS-EMail-Gateway of your operator, or you can use one of these free gateways:

+35 840 517 4761 use syntax “ YOURMESSAGEHERE”
+61 419 286 443 use syntax “ YOURMESSAGEHERE”