Henri Lefebvre : All interact in social spatializations

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“What exactly is the mode of existence of social relationships? …The study of space offers an answer according to which he social relations of production have a social existence to the extent that they have a spatial existence; they project themselves into a space, becoming inscribed there, and in the process producing that space itself. Failing this, these relations would remain in the realm of ‘pure’ abstraction – that is to say, in the realm of representations and hence of ideology: the realm of verbalism, verbiage and empty words” (Lefebvre, 1991:129).

“It is a question of discovering or developing a unity of theory between fields which are given as being separate,…Which fields?…First, the physical, nature, the cosmos, – then the mental (which is comprised of logic and formal abstraction), – finally the social. In other words, this search concerns logico-epistemological space – the space of social practices, – that in which sensible phenomena are situated in, not excluding the imaginary, projects and projections, symbols, utopias” (Lefebvre 1974:19).