My literature review about space

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Do I have to explain details of experimental methodologies ? NO say Pierre, only if I present a seminal experiment (that could be a basis for my research). Just cite the variables, the groups, the task and the results.

Read studies about “division of labour” (collaboration process) -> in order to find a relevant task ? Colin’s task ??

Functions of space : Coordination / Division of labour / Co-presence / Shared context to refer / Proxemics

Shared context : if we are in the same rooms, I know that you see what I see.

What is clear : Quantitative study (+ quali as a complement), 2 or 3 persons : SMALL SCALE GROUP, people all familiar with each other (or not, but no mix).

Mais division of labor : moins cognitif a étudier…

Independent variale : space AT or not
Dependent variables : mutuel modelling, performance, divison of labor

Est-ce que les awareness tools liés à l’espace modifient le division of labour ? demander à Colin !

Comparaison de comment on explore un espace physique ou virtuel à deux, comment les gens se répartissent sur le terrrain…

Ne pas faire que ANOVA mais pourquoi pas, une analyse typologique des individus / paires ???