Discussion with Pierre

About my literature review : I have to make a taxonomy. Three objects : Person/Artefact/Location (a fourth : activity ?). Distance/Spatial relation between those three objects : between persons (proxemics), artefacts/persons, location/artefacts, person/location (absolute or relative distance), between locations. Relation between location and activity : places/location “afford” (affordance) a certain type of activity (notion of place according to Dourish) in the same way artefacts afford an activity.
Relation between objects : distance, properties (belongs to…), activity (what do we do in this place ?).

I will present those three obejcts and their relation in three settings : real, virtual and mixed.

I will introduce the different dimensions and explain the relations. For each relation, I will present the major results in the three stettigns (if available). For instance, about person/artefacts : in the real world, artecfacts that we can take/point/use… and in the virtual world : David Ott’s masters thesis and then… the others stdies presented in the article for JoCSCW. Person/person relation : physical world (proxemics, personal space) virtual world (proxemics ? trouver etude la dessus; il ya personal space : cf murray)

Literature review for the JoCSCW : 3-4 pages.

If students at University are given mobile devices (augmented with location-awareness stuff), do Schelling Points will be modified or not ? A semi-controlled experiment on a group could be conducted. We can show students social maps (with different range/radius)… or a variable radius (30m for buddies and 10m for unknown people).

I have to list tasks that are : MOBILE and/or JOINTLY CARRIED OUT. [Par exemple : quand quelqu’un commande un plat à la caféteria, il recoit un SMS pour l’avertir que c’est prêt]