Google J2ME

[wikilike_img width=240|src=|url=|caption=Google Maps on a Blackberry thru J2ME|align=thumb tright]

Whoa. Thomas Landspurg pointed me to his work on getting Google Maps running on J2ME devices. He says, with way too much self-deprecation, “Of course, at this level if looks like still just a J2ME interface to google map (by the way, with an access to the google sightseeing stuff you are mentionning), but there are plenty on the way features that will be more innovative I guess…” but here it is — a mobile interface for collaborative mapping!

Nicely done.

Why do I blog this? Nothing feels better than seeing other people working on the same set of problems that I’m working on. Here, Thomas has knitted together what sounds like the totaly DIY API for interfacing with Google Maps. On top of that? It’s in Java, my language of preference.