A List of 50 UK Mobile Hotties

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The mobile carrier O2 has produced a list of what it considers a Hot 50 mobile enterprises, all from The Old Empire.

My shortened list and why:

Scoopt has a system that can manage digital media captured with mobile devices and brokers dissemination of that media to news outlets.
Why do I like this? Scoopt’s tabloid branding notwithstanding (crashing airliners and paparazzi “caught ‘ya” stylings), I like this trend of media production becoming less broadcast and more a production “cloud”, with a disemination and aggregation hive that’s a hybrid of authorial and amateur production. A new kind of content production social formation.

Another telemetry operation, using mobile telephony to deliver messages to humans and machines. Remote monitoring, and such all.

Why do I like this? Another promising area that is a bit specialized at this point in time, but which I might speculate will have a great deal to offer in the future. I think home monitoring has always been an elaborate, alpha-geek wet dream, but remote monitoring for enterprises is fairly routine (I’ve had to wear a pager in the past — the other end wasn’t attached to a human, it was attached to a machine.)

Addressing the UI challenge of just getting that photo off the damn camera!

Why do I like this? The space for creating better interface semantics and set of interaction syntaxes for mobile phones is super wide open. Someday..we’ll be able to customize our mobile phone interface (not just the visible skin!)