Mediamatic Workshop — RFID & The Internet of Things

Timo Arnall, Arie Altena, Rob van Kranenburg and I will be participating in the Mediamatic workshop on RFID & The Internet of Things, November 14-16. It’ll be a mix of discussion, lectures and hands-on prototyping. Should be lots of fun! I encourage you to sign up while there are still slots!

Call for participation:

A workshop for a maximum of 16 designers and artists who want to learn more about RFID and its possible (cultural) effects and uses.
In this workshop you’ll make your own prototype where the virtual and the real world come together by using rfid tools. You can try out the rfid technology and develop first layouts of possible applications, alternative uses and hacks.
RFID plays a pivotal role in joining the physical world with the digital. An object tagged with an RFID chip has a unique digital identity. Any kind of online data can be linked to these unique ID’s. Here is where the real world and the internet become two faces of the same reality. Things go online, in other words, an internet of things evolves.

During the workshop participants can mould their ideas into working prototypes, allowing them to partake in the whole process; from ‘idea’ to (potential) ‘product’. Workshop projects may range from new ways to personalize objects, to funny new locative applications or world-wide new sustainability scenario’s.
Mediamatics’ RFID powered Symbolic Table as well as the Nokia 3220 RFID phone will be amongst the available tools for participants to use, test and play their ideas on.

The morning sessions are dedicated to lectures on current technology, theory and implementations of RFID and Internet-of-Things concepts. In the afternoons participants will develop their own projects. Experienced staff will be present for technical and conceptual assistance. The workshop ends with an informal presentation.

Confirmed lecturers and trainers
Julian Bleecker is a Research Fellow at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Center for Communication and an Assistant Professor in the Interactive Media Division, part of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television.
In his lecture he’ll speak about the internet of things and the current role of ‘ blogjects’ in the hybrid fusion of the real world and the internet.

Arie Altena is literature scientist, publisher and teacher. He writes about new media, art and culture. He teaches at the Frank Mohr Instituut Interactive Media and Environments, CMD Breda and other art academies. In his lecture Arie will speak about social tagging and the usability of dataclouds in the context of RFID-tagged places and things.

Rob van Kranenburg is senior lecturer Ambient Experience Design (HKU, KMT) and program manager at the Virtueel Platform.. He will explain the basic set-up of RFID, discuss the ways in which old and new stakeholders deal with the most important issues, and deduct a prediction about ‘where it’s going’.

How much?
Discount of € 50!
The participation fee is now reduced to €300 per person, excluding VAT !! (€357 incl.VAT). Lunches, technical equipment and assistance are included.
If you want to participate in this workshop, please register at
You may cancel your registration until 10 days before the beginning of the workshop. In that case we will charge you € 45,= to compensate for administration costs.
For more information about our RFID and the Internet of Things workshop, mail to or call Klaas Kuitenbrouwer: +31 20 6389901.