Recto & Verso

Here a curious corner in a typical urban strip mall. First, the ubiquitous nail salon, this one in a roughly hewn, bumpy corner of Los Angeles. Immediately adjacent, not quite recto & verso, is the Live Scan “salon”, or shop of some sort for obtaining fingerprints. One side, the finger’s nails. The other side, the finger’s prints. Opportunity for synergies, herein, if not already established. Have your nails buffed & polished with a free fingerprinting? Or free nail buff with every fingerprinting? The combinations are extensive.

Why do I blog this? An observation on an urban scout mission. I find the strip mall disorienting to the Urban Scout in many ways. They’re all basically the same, with slight variations depending on where in the city you are. They all have a nail salon. Probably a donut guy. A kiosk floating in the parking lot for the locksmith. Often enough a Pay Day loan guy. Etc. Confusing places. Micro villages.
Adam Greenfield speaks more on the semantics of these things in the context of another kind of urban block, here.