Call for Artists — Locative Cinema Commission

Saturday March 28, 11.25.39

The curious architectural articulations of Pann’s Diner in Inglewood, Los Angeles. Allegedly the last original diner in town — original, as in the original structure, not a redo to mimic/hide/erase the old stylings. Recommended. Bring your own Lipitor and have a seat at the counter or the “hot house.”

From the Passing Useful Things Through Division, this one came from curatorial chum Steve Dietz:

The Locative Cinema Commission is a joint project of ZER01: The Art and Technology Network, The Banff New Media Institute, and the New Frontier program at the Sundance Institute We are soliciting proposals that can generalize the platform of specific places such as San Jose, California, Banff, Canada, or Park City, Utah to describe the world that you want people to see. We understand the notion of ‘locative cinema’ as an apparatus through which you can share your vision using place in ways that are both specific and generic or at least transferable. All variations on how to present your work will be considered, from cell phones to the black box of the cinema, from mixed reality to street theatre, from GPS to handhelds, from distributed to ambient. Proposals will be evaluated on their ability to engage people using place as a key element of the experience.

Note bene the impending deadline: Proposal deadline: Monday August 3, 2009. That Is Less Than A Month.

Here is the Locative Cinema Commission.