Buzz Aldrin Signs Teh Bookz

The second guy to walk on the moon — Buzz Aldrin — has been doing the rounds, signing his new book Magnificent Desolation talking about how his life was destroyed cause he was famous for being the second guy to walk on the moon. And how we should go back to the moon. And stuff like that.

Anyway, he was signing books like a machine for four hours the other day. The queue wrapped around the stationary / shredders / valu-pak post-its aisle, down along bulk pet food and turning around into the army-sized tins of name brand coffee. Some people were using the ginormous Costco shopping carts (like..1.5x normal, everyday ones making adults look like diminutive game characters) to shuttle 12, 15, 18 books for an astronaut to sign. He never stopped — sign, shove..sign, shove. It was a little disheartening. I occasionally will go to a book signing — anytime T.C. Boyle’s local with a new one, or Martin Amis — I remember a Martin Amis signing..I even went to a Brenda Laurel signing when I was writing my dissertation about VR and thought I should read her book on, like..computers and theater or whatever. Now I have two books with Buzz Aldrin’s name in them cause his hand scribbled it. I didn’t get to say even hello or welcome home or anything. Pfft. So industrial. Perfect for a Costco. I imagine these are going to 20% above list on EBay or something.