Weekending 08292010


Saturday August 21 13:21

Last week, or the weekending on August 29 2010, I noticed and took stock of more and more of this kind of behavior. I mean — I really noticed the ways that people get locked into their screens. It’s like “we” (those with jobs and fancy fuck-off phones and stuff) have evolved into a different kind of species.

I worked a bit on finishing up the essay on Design Fiction due for the Swiss Design Network conference at the end of October. I’m trying to reflect on the precise ways in which science fiction makes itself imminent and possible — mostly the near-future science fiction, or the science fiction that is close enough to our experiences and ways we imagine the future to feel legible and possible.

Besides this there was lots of work in the studio to package a few nuggets for a healthy creative review, which was good work and good fun. That was the bulk of the week’s work — packaging and reviewing stuff.

There was a quick trip to San Francisco on Saturday for Chili and Morning Buns. The Sunday before I went to Tigard Oregon, just outside of Portland, for the last leg of the Oregon Trifecta.

Some thoughts for the future:

* It would be good to collect and make a list of “Wheels on Luggage” things. Those things that would count as exemplars of what “wheels on luggage” means — things that just didn’t exist in the world and might seem bizarre or otherwise challenge convention until they appear and then we wonder how the world once did without them.

* I need to make an embroidered patch for the Odyssey mission’s maintenance department and an AE-35 service manual.

Saturday August 28 11:21