Varieties of Controls

Never would’ve thought how particular a fella could get about the action of audio controls. I’ve collected an assortment of potentiometers for the audio mixer project. From well-dampened to action that goes tick-tick-tick with detents. The red one in the foreground? That’s an optical encoder that continuously spins — no stops. It might be a bit of a control fetish, but the action of these things matters. Even in an era of touch, click and very screen-y interactions tactility and motion matter. Which raises a little concern — not doubt, just concern — about going hog-wild with gestures.

Why do I blog this? Things are moving forward with the audio mixer. Slower than expected; unexpected things in and around the studio plus upcoming travel preparations and a shift-in-time to make the U.S. Labor Day holiday happen for me this Friday. Downtime and uptime. Sending the PCB off any minute now..
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