Call Your Hardware Vendor


This isn’t bad and its not a BSOD rant. Only, well — I guess it is in a matter of speaking. Perhaps not quite an instance of atemporality but there was a bit of a dizzy feeling I got when this crap computer I use every so often told me to call my hardware vendor. Who the heck is that, to start with?

I enjoy these little moments like this. Desperation and the logic chips equivalent of doing a half-hearted shrug, trying to keep on a confident upper lip and then telling me to make a telephone call. Without a number. And to someone that definitely does not exist at all. Maybe they did back in the day, but now? Really? I wonder what they would say. Is it some old pensioner at one of those patch bay phone banks? That would seem consistent with the spirit of this.

Why do I blog this? Working around moments and instances of peculiar behaviors from our logic chip cousins. This might be a moment of atemporality, only not yet. If this showed up on a Netbook in 5 years it might seem positively baffling, I might suspect.
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