Call Your Hardware Vendor


This isn’t bad and its not a BSOD rant. Only, well — I guess it is in a matter of speaking. Perhaps not quite an instance of atemporality but there was a bit of a dizzy feeling I got when this crap computer I use every so often told me to call my hardware vendor. Who the heck is that, to start with?

I enjoy these little moments like this. Desperation and the logic chips equivalent of doing a half-hearted shrug, trying to keep on a confident upper lip and then telling me to make a telephone call. Without a number. And to someone that definitely does not exist at all. Maybe they did back in the day, but now? Really? I wonder what they would say. Is it some old pensioner at one of those patch bay phone banks? That would seem consistent with the spirit of this.

Why do I blog this? Working around moments and instances of peculiar behaviors from our logic chip cousins. This might be a moment of atemporality, only not yet. If this showed up on a Netbook in 5 years it might seem positively baffling, I might suspect.
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Street Mountain

Friday June 19, 17.24.46

Seen here while enjoying a cooling gelato (mix of mango, pear and passion fruit) with friends in the West Village after a successful day of Urban Scout Adventures.

A curious urban mountain or boulder of some sort. I think there’s a story behind this concrete lump, but I’m not 100% sure. It could be some sort of street furniture, or perhaps an accident that occurred while concrete was being poured and no one cleaned it up?

Companion Species Study Group

Another human peculiar but pervasive human social practice. The introductory manual would be this “Poodles for Dummies” book. I would also recommend these two slightly more advanced instruction books, “When Species Meet” and “The Companion Species Manifesto: Dogs, People, and Significant Otherness” both by my old PhD mentor, Donna Haraway.