Urban Condition

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Tuomas Toivonen, in the history doc of the Aula project discriminate four places in cities : home, workplace, third place (places of meeting like bars and cafes) and urban space.

The fourth, urban space, is made up of two different spaces :
– consumers environment : interiors like IKEA, shopping-mall.
– the non-place : and endless compilation of in-betweens (streets, squares, parking lots, roadsides).

He also introduces the concept of social capital : transfer and trust of information, “individuals with most cross-boundary connections allow for new ideas and innovations to be proliferated and adapted into new fertile soil.

-> Cities are the place of social capital

I really appreciate this idea of creating “a space that enhances social behaviour by the juxtaposition of territories with different rules, moods and realities. The space is a social gym – work-out generates social capita and situation sensitivity, not muscle mass”