Bird Flu Maps 3

From Cartography comes this interactive map of a hypothetical spread of Avian Flu. Apropos as this evening I am going to see Mike Davis, who will undoubtedly talk about his new book, “The Monster at Our Door.”


Bird Flu Maps 3:

A couple of bird flu overlays are available for Google Earth. Both seem to use different source data and come up with different looking overlays. The one prepared by Declan Butler seems a little more extensive (sources: WHO, OIE, CDC, FAO and others) than the one prepared by purplelinny (sources: AP, BBC, WHO, OIE). Compare and contrast and make your own judgement as to which is better. This certainly highlights the issue of reliability and accuracy of data available on the Internet.

See previous entries onbird flu maps (1) and (2).

Why do I blog this? A string of connections motivate this, the first being tonight’s plans to see Mike Davis, the other being that Mark Bolas had suggested in our class that we think about how to use Google Maps’ API to create a map-based narrative about the spread of the Avian Flu.

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