Command Line

Flavonoid Console

Here’s a revamped Flavonoid configuration console. This allows easy configuration over USB. There’ll be a few more commands in here for other features and crap, especially extracting the recorded data. This harkens back to the old school VT100 style terminal controls. There’s no drag-and-drop here, just words and commands. (Evocative of Don Norman’s bit on what he sees as a revival of the command line user interface. I wouldn’t say that this here in particular is a breakthrough, except in being retro.)

I like this mode of interaction. There are commands with parameters and that’s basically that. And output in a bottom area “annunciator” area. It makes the Flavonoid pretty much platform agnostic — anything that has a USB “COM port” and can obey VT100 terminal commands can interact here. And a keyboard.

This uses Pascal Stang’s cmdline library from his great avrlib for Atmel 8-bit MCUs.