Curious expressions of status through social practices. For those unfamiliar with the kind of bumper sticker — for which this instance is an ironic, long-overdue kick in the ass — they typically will express how well one’s child has performed in school, or sport, or other cultural affair for which parents can be proud. Example: My child received High Honors at Hugh G. Jackman Elementary. Or; My Child Swims First Team for Lando Calrissian Junior High School. All well-intentioned, but annoying in the way they assert a kind of status that is sure to plague children all the way through their middle-management years. Actually, what do I know..I only have a pocket full of nieces, nephews and godchildren, and the random collection of friends’ children for whom I play an avuncular role. It may all make sense and do good.

The question here is — what matters in the age where, for example, South Korean popular television shows hours of Starcraft competitions, all moderated by a trio doing color, stats and play-by-play? Who are our cultural heros? What are our the aspirations of digital kids as defined by their peers? By their parents?