Week Quotes: 06022012

A new feature. I’m going to share the week’s quotes heard around the Advanced Design team studio here in Los Angeles. These come via the man with the ears for quotes, Luke Johnson who publishes them internally — or has been for the last few weeks now. They’re telling things, without telling things like — wooooo — secrets..And, they’re too good to let evaporate in the email-ether forever.

It’s a a yes week.

If I see something like a cake that’s not cut straight, I need to correct it.

Why can’t there be a Chief Emotional Officer?

I just laser cut leather, so if you smell burnt flesh…

(In snowboarding) It’s always, you should have been here yesterday…classic.

The night before a race I used to have a quiet moment with my bike. Now it’s on a hook.

8 hours, no tricks.

You look like a stylish young accountant.

That’s like the founding fathers saying “My signature looks bad, let’s start over.”

It’s funny, MP3 seems to be a dirty word now.

I am still having trouble understanding why we are interested in music and place.

Boring can be beautiful.

Tweaks are hard to value, especially in a big group.

This picture was taken in Scandinavia, in the summer, obviously.

The big picture will come by designing.

I don’t think there’s any real value in opening up kimonos yet.

I don’t read Luke’s email.